Comic Market 99: currently aiming for May 2021 at the Tokyo Big Sight. Not in winter 2020.

Information for Overseas Attendees

  • にほんご
  • 重要注意事項
    • 2020年冬、コミックマーケット99の開催は行なわず、2021年GWの開催を目指すことになりました。
    • 2020年冬につきましては、1975年12月のコミックマーケット誕生から45周年を迎えることを記念した企画なども加え、2020年GWに行った「エアコミケ」を発展させていくことを検討しています。
    • 定まり次第、公式Webサイト等にてご案内いたします。
    • 詳細はこちら
  • English
  • Important Notice
    • Comic Market 99 will not be held in Winter 2020, but we are aiming to hold Comic Market 99 in May 2021 instead.
    • For Winter 2020, we are planning to build on the “Air Comiket” concept from this May, also including projects to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the very first Comic Market in December 1975.
    • We will be making further announcements here as soon as they have been worked out.
    • For more details, please see our official Facebook page
  • 简体中文
  • 请注意
    • 我们目前正在筹备于2021年的5月黄金周期间举办原定于2020年冬天的Comic Market 99。
    • 介于此情况,2020年冬天我们计划举办一系列庆祝Comic Market创立45周年的活动,并在2020年5月黄金周举办的“Air Comike”的基础上加以拓展。
    • 详细内容会在决定后在官方网站等公开。
  • 繁體中文
  • 重要注意事項
    • Comic Market 99將不會在2020年的冬季舉辦,而是改為以2021年5月舉辦為目標來進行著。
    • 至於2020年的冬季,因為適逢1975年12月開始舉辦的Comic Market創立45周年,除了我們正在構思中的紀念企畫案之外,在今年5月舉辦過的「Air Comiket」也正在籌劃中。
    • 關於詳情我們會在確定之後,在官網上向各位介紹。
  • 한국어
  • 중요 주의 사항
    • 2020년 겨울에 개최 예정이었던 코믹마켓99의 개최일정을 2021년 5월 골든위크로 연기하게 되었습니다.
    • 2020년 겨울에는 코믹마켓 탄생 45주년 기념기획 등을 더하여, 올해 5월 개최했었던 「에어코미케」(웹 코미케)를 중점적으로 진행하는 방향으로 검토하고 있습니다.
    • 자세한 사항은결정되는대로 공식 홈페이지 등을 통해 안내드리도록 하겠습니다.

What is the Comic Market

What is the Comic Market(English Version PDF File about 5.0MB) by Comic Market Committy on Jan. 2014
Comic Market's Ideals and Vision -- English translation excerpt from the circle application form to Comiket
The Comic Market today and overseas paticipants(English Version PDF File about 3.6MB) by Koichi Ichikawa on Dec. 2009

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