Comic Market
Updated: December 24, 2023

Information for Cosplayers

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How to Cosplay at Comic Market

Everybody can use the Cosplay Changing Rooms to Cosplay after entering the event. A 500 Yen registration fee will apply.

Coming and Going

Entering the event

Carry your wristband with you at all times during the vent. Even if you decide not to wear it while in costume.

After arriving


Costume Regulations

C103 Costume Regulations

Restricted costumes

The following items are forbidden to bring into Comic Market and will be forfeit

The following costumes are forbidden

We strongly recommend wearing stockings or tights in the following cases:

Restricted Props

The following props and accessories are forbidden

Restrictions on moving around outside of Cosplay Areas

The following costumes are restricted from moving around the venue, outside of the Cosplay Areas, for safety:

Cosplay Changing Rooms

Location: South 2 Hall and East 8 Hall
(see C103 Information Map)

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 17:00
Teardown will begin at 17:00 on the last day. Please complete changing back to reality by 17:00. We will start with preparing for teardown after around 16:00

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Inside the Changing Room


It is forbidden to

Extra space and baggage storage/cloak

Cosplay Areas


The Gardens and Entrance Plaza are not Cosplay Areas at C103

See C103 Information Map for the locations

The opening times of each Cosplay Area might change depending on the progress of the Waiting Line to enter the venue and congestion.
Usage might be restricted due to weather and other factors.


The following are forbidden

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