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Updated: Dec. 24, 2023

Tickets for Comic Market 103

All participants of Comic Market 103 (C103) are required to have a ticket or wristband to enter. Please purchase a suitable type of ticket/wristband for how you plan to participate.

Wristbands are on sale since December 9. The lottery for Early Entry tickets has already finished.

Check our official X(Twitter) account and official Facebook Page for the latest updates and announcements.

Types of tickets

Want to Cosplay right after start
Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry
Want to enter as early as possible
Early Entry 10:30-
Want to enter AM
AM Entry 11:00-
PM Entry 12:30-

One child up to 9th grade can enter for free together with one adult holding a ticket/wristband.

Everybody can use the Cosplay Changing Room once inside (A 500 Yen Registration Fee is required. A queue is likely).

Important Notice

Resale of tickets/wristband is not allowed
The name of the purchaser is printed on the Early Entry tickets. Only the person who won the lottery is allowed to use the ticket. Resale is not permitted to prevent scalpers.

Do not buy resold tickets/wristbands.
Resold tickets become invalid. You will pay for a ticket that you can not use, wasting your money. Prevent scalpers from making everybody’s life difficult and ripping people off.

Please bring along a matching ID
We might ask you to show an official ID (passport, drivers license, etc.) with a name matching your Early Entry ticket. We had to turn away participants with mis-matching names or using obvious pseudonyms at previous Comikets. There will be no exceptions.

Schedule of ticket sales

November 14 - November 20
Application to the lottery for Early Entry and Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry tickets
November 24
Results of the lottery notified to applicants
November 24 - December 29
Payment and issuing of Early Entry tickets for lottery winners
December 9
Printed catalog goes on sale
December 9 - December 31
Sale of AM/PM Entry wristbands and e-tickets for AM Entry wristbands (while supply lasts at each location)
December 30/31
Comic Market 103

Early Entry tickets [sold out]

Type of Early Entry tickets

Type Entrance Sales Method Entry Time Price
Early Entry South/West Halls TicketPay starting 10:30 5,000 Yen
Early Entry East TicketPay starting 10:30 5,000 Yen
Cosplay Early Entry South Halls TicketPay starting 9:30 3,000 Yen

Tickets are separate between South/West and East entrances. Please make sure you choose the entrance close to where you want to go first.

There will be separate tickets and lotteries for Male and Female Changing Rooms due to capacity reasons. Make sure to apply for the correct one based on your biological gender (for other genders, please choose either and inquire to staff once on-site).
Only the Cosplay Changing Room in the South Halls is available in the morning for Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry tickets. After changing, Cosplayers will have to stay in the South Halls until 11:00. A Cosplay Area is available in South Hall 1. For changing back into your regular clothes in the afternoon, the Cosplay Changing Rooms in East are also available.


User registration at TicketPay
November 14(Tue) 13:00 JST - November 20(Mon)
Lottery applications for Early Entry and Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry tickets at TicketPay
November 24(Fri)
Results of the lottery notified to applicants
November 24(Fri) - December 31 (Fri)
Issuing of tickets for lottery winners at a FamilyMart convenience store within Japan. Tickets paid online (via credit card) must also be issued at a FamilyMart. We strongly recommend issuing the ticket a few days in advance, and not last-minute.
Decemer 30/31
Comic Market 103


Early Entry ticket: 5000 Yen
Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry ticket: 3000 Yen

Prices including consumption tax/VAT. An additional 330 Yen system fee will be charged when issuing the ticket.

How to buy

How to enter C103

Please see the C103 Information Map for the exact locations.

Early Entry ticket
Please arrive at your ticket’s Entry gate between 08:00 - 10:00. Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband that allows you to queue up until 10:30, when entry starts.
Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry ticket
Please arrive at the West/South gate after 09:00. Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband that allows you to queue for entering the Changing Room after 09:30.

AM Entry wristbands/tickets


December 9 - December 29
Sale of AM Entry wristbands and e-tickets for AM Entry wristbands (while supply lasts at each location).
December 30/31
Comic Market 103


in stores: 1210 Yen
eplus e-ticket: 1331 Yen (1210 Yen + system fee)

Prices including consumption tax/VAT.

How to buy

How to enter C103

Please see the C103 Information Map for the exact locations.

If holding an AM Entry wristband, put it on before arriving and queue up at either the East or West Waiting Line. Recommended arrival time is after 10:00 to not have to wait long times in the very cold weather.
Do not come earlier than 7:00. Do not wait around the venue overnight under any circumstances. This is a serious public safety issue, causes heavy complaints from the neighbors and may result in cancelation of future Comic Markets. And, you will not gain any advantage over other participants who arrive in the morning. Just don’t do it.

If holding a e-ticket (QR code) issued by eplus, it will be exchanged to wristbands after 8:00 near the Rinkai-Line station. However, we strongly recommend arriving after 9:00-10:00 to avoid long waiting times in the icy cold of end of December. Please beware the location is different from C102. We recommend using the Rinkai-Lne. Expect long detours and congestion if arriving with the Yurikamome Line due to construction work at the station.
Each Waiting Line can only be joined after receiving and putting on the actual wristband.
If arriving after 12:30, please go to the Entrance Plaze to exchange your e-ticket to a wristband.

PM Entry wristbands


December 9 - December 31
Sale of PM Entry wristbands
December 30/31
Sale of same-day PM wristbands on-site at Comic Market 103


At stores: 440 Yen
On-site: 1,000 Yen
Expect long queues on-site. We strongly recommend to buy one before the event at a store.

How to buy

How to enter C103

Holders of PM wristbands can enter via the Entrance Plaza after 12:30. Please see the C103 Information Map for the exact locations.

Participants with children

One child up to 9th grade can enter for free together with one adult holding a ticket/wristband.

entering separately
entering together
Coming with children
Children must have their own ticket/wristband
Child <= 9th grade
One child free per guardian


Q1: My country is not supported by TicketPay!
A1: Please check again when the lottery starts, as supported countries are continuously being added. If your country is still not supported, e-tickets for exchanging into an AM Entry wristband are available for all countries (while supply lasts).

Q2: Can you help me using TicketPay/eplus?
A2: Please contact support of each site for any help, as Comic Market cannot provide individual support.

Q3: Can we buy multiple tickets together for a group?
A3: Each participant must buy his/her own ticket, as only 1 ticket can be purchased per account. However, one child under 9th grade can enter for free with per guardian holding a valid ticket/wristband. (also see Q4)

Q4: Do children also need a ticket/wristband ?
A4: One child under 9th grade can enter without a ticket/wristband per guardian if entering together. If entering separately and not with a guardian, children must have their own ticket/wristband.

Q5: Can I enter the Cosplay Changing Room to help my friend change/make up?
Q5: Anybody can use the Cosplay Changing Room by queueing up. However, helpers also need to pay the registration fee. For Cosplay Changing Room Early Entry, any supporters must have their own ticket.

Q6: What happens if I am late to the Early/AM Entry queue?
A6: You will be still be able to enter after the designated time. However, for Early Entry, we might ask you to join the AM Entry queue once the Early Entry queue is getting ready to move.

Q7: Can I buy multi-day tickets/wristbands?
A7: Tickets and wristbands are sold separately for each day.

Q8: I want to cancel/refund my ticket/wristband.
A8: Refund of paid tickets/wristbands is not possible under any circumstances.

Q9: I was unable/forgot to issue my Early Entry ticket before the deadline. Can I still enter?
A9: Early entry tickets must be issued before arriving at Comiket. There is nothing we can do if you arrive without issuing your ticket. Please do it well in advance.

Q10: I bought an Early/AM Entry ticket/wristband. Can I stay in the afternoon?
A10: Certainly. Please fully use the opportunity to find new forms of expressions.

Q10: Can I use my passport as ID?
A10: Yes. Your passport or Residence Card are suitable IDs, or an drivers license. The name must match the name on your ticket.

Q11: Can I move between areas once inside? Why is my ticket specific to East or South/West.
A11: You can move freely between all Halls once inside (except when there might be restrictions due to overcrowding or safety). The ticket is limited to entering via a specific area due to the limited space available for queueing.

Q12: I have lost/damaged my ticket. Can it be reissued?
A12: Tickets cannot be reissued for any reason whatsoever. In case of damage to the ticket itself, please bring the remains and we will try if we can sufficiently interpret what is left.

Q13: I accidentally issued the ticket in the name of a family member (parent/child, brother/sister).
A13: If you can prove that you are a family member living together you can enter. Otherwise, the name must match your ID.

Q14: I forgot my ticket/wristband at home. What can I do?
A14: You must bring the actual ticket/wristband to enter. Otherwise you will have to buy a same-day PM Entry wristband and enter in the afternoon.

Q15: I selected PayPay as payment method at TicketPay but can’t pay with them (due to living outside of Japan). Can I change the payment method? Or can I pay when I get to Comic Market?
A15: It is not possible to change from PayPay to another payment method. You will have to find somebody to pay with PayPay for you. We will not accept any payment for Early Entry tickets on-site.

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